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Hi. I’m Jaclyn Love

Whether you’re looking for group class sessions, private yoga training, weekly corporate instruction, planning a party, hosting a workshop or special event, we’ve got you covered.
We will tailor a unique yoga practice experience that fits your needs perfectly.


Jaclyn Love Yogi
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Power Beats Flow

Power Beats Flow group classes are high energy and fun!

Set to upbeat music in a 90 degree studio, get ready to sweat. Intermediate and above level recommended, all are welcomed.

Sign up for a Platinum Power Flow Monthly Membership or purchase a Fit 16 Pass Points Card to drop in on a class at your convenience.

Private Yoga Sessions

Private yoga session will improve your practice dramatically.

What may take weeks in a small class setting can be accomplished in a few focused, one-on-one private sessions.

Tailored to your goals, your yoga practice will jump to the next level.

Special Events . Workshops

We’d love to help you plan a special yoga spa event that creates a truly memorable time for all. Great for any age group, kids’ birthday parties too!

A groups of friends, co-workers, an organization or club that wished to practice together, lets do it.

Whether a one-time session, a weekly series of classes, I’ll customize a program just for you.


Silver Pass Points Monthly
$120 / month
6 Vinyasa or Power Flow group classes good for one month
Classes are booked online per space availability
Silver Pass Points renews monthly
180 points per month
($20 / class)
Points expire in 30 days
Platinum Power Flow Monthly
$200 / month
1 month Platinum Power Flow Group Membership
3 group Power Flow or Vinyasa classes per week. Four personal yoga alignment assessments
Platinum Power Flow renews monthly
480 points per month
($15 / class)
Points expire in 30 days
Black Card Private Monthly
$360 / month
4 Black Card Private personalized yoga sessions
One private yoga session + Assessment consultation weekly
Black Card Private renews monthly
480 points per month
($90 / session)
Points expire in 30 days

Fit Passes for Individual Classes

Fit Pass Points Passes

Fit 1 Pass Points Pass
30 Points
Points Expire in 180 days
($30 / class)

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Fit 6 Pass Points Pass
180 Points
Points Expire in 180 days
($25 / class)

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Fit 16 Pass Points Card
480 Points
Points Expire in 180 days
($20 / class)

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Fit Single Black Private Points Pass – Yoga
150 Points
Points Expire in 180 days
($90 / private session
+ wellness consultation)

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And what about retreats you ask? Where would you like to visit next?

We run yearly retreats at exotic locations worldwide. Let’s decide together.

Please join our community and become a member to stay informed.